Apr 8 2015

The McMenamins artists have been working for months on new history-based artwork for McMenamins Anderson School, opening October 15, 2015 in Bothell, WA. 

In this piece, artist Travis Baechler depicts famed daredevil wing jumper, Tommy Thompson (a.k.a. The Bat Man), hired to be a main attraction of Bothell's 1937 Mardi Gras FlyingGuyfestivities. The plan was for him to jump from a plane, free-fall for several thousand feet, then make a parachute landing on the roof of the Anderson School. 

Prevailing winds, however, damaged his folding metal wings and blew him off course. Fortunately he was able to make a mostly soft landing in a nearby pond.

Reservations at the new property are now being accepted! Visit the website to book your stay.

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