Nov 3 2015

The painting below, called Inside Lyle's Head by McMenamins artist Jenny Joyce, hung for years at Dad Watson's in Seattle, prior to the pub's 2011 closing. Luckily, Lyle's head has found a new home at the Anderson School in Bothell.

When you visit the new property, make a point to spend a few moments examining just what is going on inside Lyle's head. See how many styles, forms, logos, landmarks and more you can find.


From artist Jenny Joyce:

"I remember doing this piece vividly. I gathered numerous examples of his work and then took a picture of him in profile.

I fashioned a design that incorporated as many as I could fit into the shape of his head. A lot of the imagery comes from Edgefield but there are also some pub logos and favorite themes of Lyle, like the cat and the dice. Of course there had to be Ruby, Hammerhead and Terminator, all iconic figureheads of McMenamins.

And these are only a few of the images he has created in his years with the company.

I had a blast doing this panel, and I think Lyle likes it too."


The longer you look, the more you'll discover - like the kegs for teeth, Satin the cat that's got his tongue, the signature Hehn clouds clouding up his nose....

As Tim put it in a 2014 blog, Lyle Hehn "has been amazing and befuddling us for decades with ingenious, clever, thought-provoking, convoluted and stunning panels, murals, pipe-elbows, etc."

Lyle has been with McMenamins since 1988. His brother Paul was one of the company's managers, and Lyle was hired to paint a sign on a door at the Fulton Pub. Other McMenamins projects gradually followed.

At first he did just decorative wall painting in the pubs, but as the company expanded, Lyle also began to design logos and labels and signs for their various locations, along with murals and illustrations.

If you're interested in learning more about the team of McMenamins artists, have a look at and consider attending the special documentary screening about Joe Cotter's public mural work coming up this weekend (link below).

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