Mar 29 2010

"'Tis the Seasonal": Workingman's Red
Pouring now through May 31

We like to switch it up every couple months with a seasonal beer, one that comes 'round the same time every year and is only available for a limited time. Gives everyone something to look forward to, you know?

Now pouring: Workingman's Red

WMRAfter the sublime creaminess of our previous seasonal, Irish Stout, the Workingman's Red is a refreshing springtime ale, to be sure. Having said that, it ain't no girlie light beer, no sir. It's lush and flavorful, yet still drinkable and thirst-quenching. This style of beer, an Irish red originating in the 14th century, actually preceded Ireland's famous stouts by four hundred years! Take that, Guinness. 

Our Workingman's Red has a deep mahogany color and a slight, malty sweetness and a perfect balance of noble hop flavors. It finishes with a toasty mouth feel and a bold, aromatic hop character that compliments the sweetness well. It pairs with meaty dishes, like those a true workingman (or workingwoman, of course) would appreciate after a long day - burgers, steaks, pork and the like. Order up a pitcher today at your local McMenamins.  

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#1 Bob

This is my favorite seasonal since the Koelsch a few seasons back.

#2 Mohammed

Wow, we've eaten there numerous times and alawys take friends from out of town there and have never had a problem, alawys great menu, fun atmosphere and great service. Congrats, McMenamins.