The Rams Head

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Housed in "The Campbell," a residential hotel (now high-end condos) built in 1912, the Rams Head has always had a dignified-but-jaunty air, just a step down off the sidewalk. Its new-and-improved look leaves all its rich historical attributes intact, but features an improved flow and a brightened air. The outdoor seating for those beautiful Pacific Northwest days remains a wonderful spot to have a cool handcrafted McMenamins ales.

Items like Truffle Fries, Steak & Mushroom Bites, Butternut Squash, Mac & Cheese, and Spicy Prawn Linguine are offered alongside such McMenamins classics as the Captain Neon Burger and housemade Black & Tan Brownie with caram-ale sauce.

The Rams Head allows pets at our sidewalk seating only.


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