Pub with a pioneer history

The low-slung, atmospheric Oregon City Pub sits in the shadow of the graceful arch of the Oregon City Bridge, and was born as the old St. Paul's Episcopal Church. The building dates back to 1930, but its associated history reaches back much further. 

In the early 1860s, St. Paul's was known as "the rebel church." Democrats and Republicans of Oregon City were at great odds over the politics of the Civil War. Not surprisingly, when the local Congregational minister began infusing pro-Republican rhetoric into his sermons; Democrats were quick to walk out. Many of these Congregational "expatriots" joined St. Paul's because Episcopal ministers were forbidden to preach politics in the pulpit.

Today, the pub is also likely to be the locus of fun and good spirits, instead of politics. And for the McMenamins restoration of the building into a vibrant pub, we've made use of historic photos and original artwork that give locals and newcomers alike a sense of the building's storied past.

Oregon City's 20th Anniversary History (2015)


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