Meet Your Maker

Ryan Mott
Head Brewer
Fulton Pub & Brewery

If you come to a fork in the road, take it. - Yogi Berra

Ryan Mott is the head brewer for the Fulton Pub & Brewery. Since he began in 1998, he has brewed at least once at 12 different McMenamins breweries. Before he became the brewer he is today, he was pursuing his education and being a scholar of life. Ryan's most important education was his home-brewing hobby, as it led him to his current profession. He gradually became more advanced in his brewing technique. With a healthy amount of confidence in his knowledge, he ventured out to join the professional brewing industry.

When Ryan was younger, a friend's older brother brought home a mason jar of Terminator back in the late '80s. He and his friend both sneaked a sip and were shocked at the richness and mouth feel of the stout. Ryan MottHe became a fan of McMenamins at that defining moment.  

Ryan is unable to say which brew he takes pride in the most; he's proud of all his beers and enjoys brewing all styles. In his words, "They are all important to someone." This belief is the source of his inspiration. There is a beer out there for everyone. The variety of flavor combinations is limitless. If you can imagine it, he can probably figure out a way to brew it. Finding and creating beers for every palate is the motivational force for Ryan.

To other home-brewers looking to move into a professional standing, he shares a few words of wisdom: Get the facts. The reality of making beer professionally is generally not what one might expect. Brewing  is primarily a physical job that takes place in a confined and usually wet, cold (or hot) environment. For those who love it, it's a lifestyle. The best advice Ryan received in his early years is simple: clean as you go-a philosophy he still practices with every brew. 

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