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Kyle Jungck
Queen Anne Brewer

Kyle Jungck (pronounced "Young" with a "K") is our Seattle Queen Anne Brewer, who started with McMenamins in September 2011. Since joining the McMenamins family, he has worked at Mill Creek, Queen Anne, Six Arms, Spar Café and the Olympic Club locations. Before his debut in our brewing department, Kyle worked as a drugstore manager.

Brian Lawrence

When he is not brewing delicious creations for McMenamins, he is brewing delicious creations for himself at home. Once in a while he takes a break from his first passion, and can be found racking up points on a pinball machine, or hiking and camping in his explorations of the great outdoors. Kyle's first taste of McMenamins brew came in 2007 when he came to Portland to see Blackalicious, and ended up dancing at the Crystal Ballroom's 80's night.

His greatest brewing influence was his French professor while attending Black Hills State University in Spearfish, South Dakota. After many lectures involving beers relevance to French culture, his professor invited him to homebrew with him. After that there was no looking back; he was hooked. He enjoys making the hop-forward style of IPA; the nuances of hops, and how the little differences in time and quantity create different flavors. As much as he loves his hops, he is proudest of the infusion brews, such as Habanero Nebraska Bitter and a vanilla porter. Both have had outstanding success at the annual Olympic Club Brew Fest. His infusion interest is inspired by cooking. Watching Food Network creates lightning bolt after lightning bolt for his brewing brainstorm.

Kyle has two mantras he brews by: "Keep It Simple Stupid," a common work motto but particularly relevant in brewing; and "Relax, don't worry, have a homebrew" a mantra from Charlie Papazian, author of "The Complete Guide to Home Brewing." Cleanliness and procedure are important, but having fun is why Kyle makes brewing a large part of his life. 

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