The Ivie Meziere Acoustic Duo

  • 8:00 p. m. til 11:00 p. m. |
  • Free |
  • All ages until 9 p.m.

About The Ivie Meziere Acoustic Duo


Orvil Ivie and Garry Meziere both have very solid backgrounds in many styles of music that they have blended together into their acoustic performances. They play a variety of music from traditional blues to contemporary jazz. They also are known for very well-crafted original songs as well.

Between the two of these very talented musicians comes many decades of musical experience. Both Orvil and Garry have fronted their own groups and know how to engage with their audience. Besides being accomplished guitarists, they each can sing with power and control, connecting the lyrics to the listener. The combination of vocals and guitar work these two share makes for pure listening pleasure.

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