Pet-Friendly Policies

Edgefield now allows pets on patios and outside around the Edgefield property, as well as during overnight stays. To book a hotel room, you can call or go online. However, if you book online, please call the hotel as soon as possible to add your pet(s) to your reservation.

We have a few rules, to ensure the comfort and safety of all our guests, be they human, furry, fuzzy or scaled:

  • Pets are allowed on patios and outside around the Edgefield property, as well as in hotel rooms for a $15 fee. They are not allowed in the Black Rabbit Restaurant, Courtyard or the Power Station Pub.
  • No size or weight restrictions
  • No limit on number of pets allowed
  • Pets must be on leashes or in crates while they are in any public or common places within the hotel.
  • Pets are allowed in designated food or beverage areas only.
  • If your pet creates a disturbance or becomes aggressive to any guest or other person in the hotel, the owner agrees to remove the pet promptly from the hotel upon request unless a mutually acceptable compromise can be met.
  • The owners agree to be present or remove their pets from the room during housekeeping service or while any hotel staff is present in the room.


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